Week 26 Devo – WEDNESDAY

The Early Church: Trusting in Christ in Life and Death

In response to charges raised by the Jewish leaders against him, Stephen explained that Jesus fulfilled the purposes of the Law and the temple, thus casting Jewish laws and customs in a different light. First, Stephen reminded them of God’s promise to Abraham and how quickly his descendant Jacob was rejected. Second, he mentioned Moses’ rejection by his own people as he sought to help them. Third, he reminded them that Moses spoke of a better prophet who would come.

Here is Stephen’s point: Israel had a history of rejecting God’s messengers and prophets. So, as they tried him for blasphemy, he wanted them to see that they were the blasphemers for rejecting Jesus. God the Son had Himself come in the flesh to save people. Not believing in Jesus is a rejection of God’s work in the worst way.

Why is Stephen’s point so important to understanding how to read the Bible as one story?