Week 27 Devo – MONDAY

The Early Church: Trusting in the Gospel of Jesus

As we have mentioned so many times in this study, persecution is an expected part of following Jesus. Stephen stood before the Jewish crowds, pleading with them to believe their own Scriptures about Jesus. He begged them not to make the same mistake their ancestors made. And yet, they still executed another one of God’s messengers in Stephen, even after having executed the messenger Himself.

They were so opposed to Stephen’s message and to the Spirit’s speaking that they covered their ears and yelled at the top of their lungs in protest. They dragged Stephen out of the city and killed him outside the camp as they had done to the Lord Himself. But no one can drown out the Spirit. He cannot and will not be silenced or ignored – not even the gates of hell can stop the Spirit’s work, the Gospel, or the kingdom’s advancing.

Who needs to hear your Spirit-filled plea to come to Christ? How will you make this plea?