Week 30 Devo – MONDAY

Creation: Sin’s Effects

As the grand story of the Bible moves from God’s creation, we see how mankind’s relationship with God was broken as a result of sin (missing the mark of God’s perfection). The serpent, which is later revealed to be Satan, creates doubt in Eve’s mind about what God said. When Adam and Eve eat of the fruit, they quickly realize that everything has changed.

What did Satan question?

Unbelief is rejecting the truth that God declares and then seeking fulfillment in something else. Adam and Eve believed the lie the serpent told, and this led to unbelief. In our own daily lives, we face the same temptation to believe or not believe what God has spoken. When we reject God’s Word and choose to find purpose elsewhere, we are falling into the same trap as Adam and Eve. The good news for us as followers of Christ today is that we have a Savior in Jesus who overcame every temptation. He lived and died for all who fall short of God’s perfect standard, so we can trust that He stands in our place.

What are some of the lies that you are tempted to believe every day?