Week 30 Devo – TUESDAY

Creation: Sin’s Effects

Why do we “hide” from God when we sin?

After Adam and Eve ate the fruit, the consequences of their action began to unfold. When they heard the Lord God coming, they hid themselves from God’s presence because they were ashamed. One of the most universal emotions among humans across the world is fear. Fear is what drove Adam and Eve to hide from God’s presence, and fear is what causes us to “hide” from God now. Because of Christ and His work though, we should not live in fear because our sin has been paid in full, and the Lord no longer sees our sin when we trust in Christ.

The Gospel begins with an understanding of who God is and who we are in light of Him. Genesis shows that we fall short of God’s standard but that a Savior is on the way to reconcile our broken relationship.

Does it give you hope to know that God provides a solution to your sin? How?