Week 30 Devo – WEDNESDAY

Creation: Sin’s Effects

After Adam and Eve sinned, they decided to cover themselves with fig leaves sewn together, but when God covered their sin with garments of skin, an innocent animal had to be killed as payment. After God covered Adam and Eve with animal skins, they were forced out of the Garden of Eden and into a world unknown to them before sin, a life with a broken relationship with their heavenly Father. They were cast out and distanced from God. Why? Because sin is a big deal to God. He hates sin because it disrupts all of our relationships. When we sin, we often run from God because we are fearful of His judgment. But as we continue to read God’s Word, we will see that we should run to God when we sin because God provides the ultimate payment for sin by placing our sin on Jesus. Jesus became sin in our place, so that we could have that broken relationship restored.

How do you honestly view the sin in your life?

God sent Jesus to be the payment for your sin.

What does that tell you about how God thinks of you?