Week 31 Devo – WEDNESDAY

Creation: New Life

One change that occurs when we surrender our lives to Christ and have new life is a change in our desires. The desires we once had for sinful things such as lust, lying, cheating, gossiping, sex outside of marriage, underage drinking, etc. are replaced by desires for the things of God. We don’t think about all the things the world thinks about. Our new life and our new heart now have desires to glorify God with all that we do, think, and say.

What makes it so hard to set your mind on the things of God?

This is a constant battle we face every day. When we wake up, our sinful nature is there to distract us, yet we have new life that focuses us on the Lord. The best thing we can do is refocus our minds in those moments we feel pulled to sin. We must kill the desires of the flesh and feed the desires of the Lord.

What can you do today to keep your mind from the things of the world/flesh?