Week 31 Devo – FRIDAY

Creation: New Life

Today’s passage is very simple. First, we are a new creation if we are in Christ. This has been a consistent theme this week. We are only made new if we have surrendered our lives to Jesus and trusted in Him. Once we make that decision, we become brand new creations. The old self dies and the new self lives.

Second, we have a new found hope in our new lives. If the new has come, we now have a renewed hope in all that is to come in our walk with Jesus. When we are old and dying in our sin, we tend to lack a lot of hope. We can’t see the goodness of God. However, when we know Jesus and He turns our dead hearts to living, we now have a hope as we look to Jesus conquering sin at His second coming. Our hope also belongs in a faithful Savior and not in imperfect, ever-failing humans.

What have you placed your hope in? Has that thing failed you? How or why?

What can you do today to remind yourself of where your hope should be placed?