Week 24 Devo – WEDNESDAY

Everyone Has a Gift

Having academic knowledge of a topic provides some context, but putting into practice what you’ve learned is even better. In this story, we take what we learned from Paul in yesterday’s passage and see it lived out. The apostles and early church believers were on a mission. They preached the Word of God. That’s a gift. We see Barnabas also giving exhortation, another gift. We see him with great faith – yet another gift. In the end, “a great many people were added to the Lord” (v. 24). Hear this very clearly: Identifying a spiritual gift in your life does not disqualify you from practicing the rest of them! God calls us to practice all of these things just as Barnabas did.

  • How have you seen someone use his or her spiritual gift to make Jesus’ name famous?
  • How have you used your gifts recently?