Week 24 Devo – THURSDAY

Everyone Has a Gift

Here’s another great story of someone using his gifts to glorify God with what he’s been given. While serving the Lord, Philip followed instructions from an angel and went on an incredible adventure. God simply wanted him elsewhere, and sometimes when it doesn’t make sense to us to leave comfort, God intends for us to be useful in the desert. All it takes is a faithful obedience to what the Lord is calling you to do. He has a purpose for your life that will be more fulfilling than anything the world tries to offer you. Philip chose to be obedient and share the truth with the Ethiopian man. The man came to know Jesus Christ and was baptized! This encounter changed his life forever! Like Philip, you can also be a part of changing people’s lives by being obedient to God.

  • What stands out to you about this story?
  • What can you learn from his example?