Week 24 Devo – FRIDAY

Everyone Has a Gift

This is an incredibly beautiful passage about the essence of the Gospel and the simplicity of the Christian life. Jesus makes an analogy comparing Himself to a vine, God the Father to the vinedresser (caretaker), and believers to the branches coming from the vine. When Jesus saves believers, He connects them to Himself. Have you noticed how quickly plants and flowers shrivel up and die if you separate them from their roots? We cannot survive if we are separated from Jesus, not spending time with Him or learning more about Him through His Word. Put simply, our Christian life is about abiding in or staying connected to Him. Abiding is the only way to live the Christian life. Abiding in God results in bearing fruit – producing good works and using spiritual gifts to build up the Church. God is the source of life. He has made each of us for a purpose and given each of us a gift to use for the benefit of other believers. That is where our true fulfillment will be found.

  • Think of a time when you tried to do something in your own power but were overwhelmed.
  • Do you believe your vine is connected to Jesus as your source of life?