Week 25 Devo – FRIDAY

Persevering in the Mission

When making a special dinner or dessert, it is important to have all the right ingredients. Leave one thing out and it may taste too bitter; leave another thing out and it may not hold its shape or create the right texture. Every ingredient is important. In Luke’s summary of Paul’s journey from Ephesus to Jerusalem, we get an idea of some key ingredients for the Christian life.

First, we find that we must spend our time wisely because our time is limited. At Troas, Paul ministered through the night because he knew he was departing the next day. Second, we find that ministry is about relationships. His farewell to the Ephesian elders is deeply personal and demonstrates that his ministry there was relationship oriented. Third, we see the centrality of the Word of God. Paul taught them everything that was profitable (20:20) and the whole plan of God (20:27). Fourth, we see the rejection of materialism and commitment to generosity (20:33–35). And fifth, we find a commitment to God’s will and sensitivity to God’s Spirit above all (20:22–23; 21:14). Surely, there are more ingredients to consider, but as you go about this day, may you prayerfully reflect upon how you are living in these five areas.

  • In which of these five things are you strongest and weakest?