Week 26 Devo – THURSDAY

Continuing through Opposition

Learning to ride scooters and bikes, skating, etc., comes with its fair share of falls for children. But as you learned, you may have had a mom or dad to reassure you and hold your hand, reminding you that she or he would not let go. You could play without fear because you knew your parents were with you. When you were running and fell, scraping your knees on the concrete, your parents would hold you and tell you, “I’ve got you. I’m right here. You’re safe.”

In Acts 23, Paul has been beaten and bruised. But the risen Savior draws near saying, “I’m here. I won’t let go.” His presence inspires courage and motivates perseverance. His presence brings assurance, for He reminds us of His purposes and plans. Jesus’ nearness lifts our eyes above the panic of our situation and draws our attention to the peace of His sovereignty. So, live with courage today; your Savior is near.

  • How does knowing your future is in God’s hands encourage you?