Week 27 Devo – TUESDAY

Breaking Down Barriers

We have a fascination with before-and-after pictures in our culture. From home renovations to body transformations, before and after pictures are everywhere. If we only saw the after pictures, we may recognize them as good, but we could never fully appreciate them apart from the before pictures. The beauty of the final result is actually magnified when contrasted with where it began.

Ephesians 2:1–3 is the worst before picture you’ve ever seen. Situated between the wonders of Ephesians 1 and the glories of the rest of Ephesians 2, verses 1–3 glance back at our condition before Christ. We were dead in sin, a spiritual corpse. And yet, we were animated by the forces of evil to walk in worldliness and disobedience. Our sins compiling each day, we were running headlong into everlasting judgment. Although this image of ourselves should not dominate our thinking, we should be careful not to forget it, either. Remember where you would be without Jesus. Be overcome with gratitude and humbled by God’s grace. Only then will we fully appreciate who God has made us in Christ (2:4–10).

  • How does remembering where we started give us an appreciation for where we are now?