Week 28 Devo – FRIDAY

Pressing toward the Goal

There are two things in Philippians 4 that are severely lacking in our world: joy and contentment. From prison, Paul instructs Christians to rejoice. But how do we rejoice when times are tough and we’re going through difficulties? How do we experience contentment in times of need? Paul’s answer: “I am able to do all things through him who strengthens me” (v. 13).

As we pray, God gives us peace and guards our hearts and minds (v. 7). As we dwell on whatever is good and lovely (v. 8), we remember all that we have to rejoice over. A world that is full of sorrow needs a church that is full of joy. A world full of discontentment needs a church that is full of thanksgiving and satisfaction. Will you be that kind of Christian? May the world see the joy we have in Christ even in the hardest of circumstances, and may it give them a holy curiosity over what they are missing in Christ.

  • What impact could your joy and contentment – despite your circumstances – have on others?