Week 29 Devo – THURSDAY

God the Father Is Loving

There is no greater description of God’s love than in 1 John. John tells us that God is love. However, this does not mean that God accepts everything that people do. God’s love does not affirm our sin. Instead, it calls us out of our sin. Verse 17 tells us that God’s love prepares us for the Day of Judgment. By abiding in God’s love, God abides in us. He cleanses us of our sin, removes all fear, and gives us confidence in His goodness. Further, John tells us in verse 20 that if we have God’s love in us, then we will love those around us. John finishes chapter 4 by referencing the greatest commandment. If we love God, then we must love others.

  • How has God’s love impacted your life?
  • How does God’s love change the way we love others?