Week 30 Devo – MONDAY

The Son: His Humanity

One of the most encouraging things about Jesus is that while He is 100-percent God, He is 100-percent human, so when we look at His life, we can see a glimpse into how we ought to handle persecution, evangelism and temptation. In this passage, we see that Jesus was tempted by Satan in very specific ways at very specific times. While being led by the Spirit, Jesus constantly experienced temptation, and in this passage, we are shown three specific times that Satan tempted Jesus to take things into His own hands rather than to trust in God the Father for the things that He needed. In every scenario, we see that Jesus came out victorious. Let’s follow that example and walk in victory today.

  • In what area does Satan tempt you the most?
  • What specific temptation does Satan use to attack you the most?