Week 31 Devo – MONDAY

The Holy Spirit

The goal of this study is to explore the third part of the Trinity, the Holy Spirit. Throughout this week, we’ll look at the qualities of the Holy Spirit to help you realize all the work He does! Our passage today in John describes the Holy Spirit as “another Helper.” This “Helper” is not known by anyone who doesn’t believe in Christ as their Savior because they can’t see or know Him. As believers, we know Him because He lives in us and walks with us every day of our lives. Once we accept Christ, the Holy Spirit lives in us, but that’s not the end of our walk. We must keep the commandments that God has given us in the Bible and love God with our lives and not just our words. The Holy Spirit is present on earth to be a representative of Jesus after He ascended into heaven. Even though God and Jesus are in heaven, we know we will always have the Spirit with us!

  • How do we know the Holy Spirit is alive in believers today?
  • How can we love God with our lives and not just our words?