Week 32 Devo – THURSDAY

Reach, Learn, Love, Multiply

As Jesus hung on the cross, He did not respond with hate for his adversaries, but with love: “Father, forgive them because they do not know what they are doing.” As He struggled to breathe, He chose to love those who mocked Him and rebuked Him. He showed His love for them by staying on the cross and dying for those who hated Him. The love He showed is unconditional, never-ending and sacrificial. Just as Jesus loved and died for those who crucified Him, He continues to love the people who still deny Him today. Jesus did not die just for those who love Him. He faced the most painful death imaginable for those who mocked Him, beat Him, and spat at Him … for all of us.

  • Have you ever faced someone mocking Jesus? How did you react?
  • Would you choose to die for someone who hated you?
  • Do your daily actions mock Jesus?