Devo – Day 2

“Psalm 150”

Psalm 150

Have your parents ever hit you with “Count your blessings!”? And while the phrase may be frustrating to hear over and over, we should make it a regular practice in our walk with Jesus. In your journal, write 10 things you are praising Jesus for right now (e.g., safety in traveling, the beautiful sunrise this morning, the breath the Lord gives you every second, even the fact that you are a high school student from Dallas, Texas, with the opportunity to go to Hawaii!) We can praise the Lord for so many things! Go ahead and write your 10 things now. 

A heart of gratitude is a heart of gold to the Lord. When we lift our praises  to the Lord, we are also expressing our gratitude to the Lord for all that He has done for us. The peculiar thing about gratitude is that its natural result in our life is humility. When we start to realize that we are floating in a sea of blessings in our life, our immediate response should be to praise the Lord! 

The song’s lyrics say, “All nature testifies your splendor, praise the Lord, praise the Lord.” How epic is it that God created inanimate objects to animate His goodness to the earth? God made mountains reveal His glory to us! God created the sun for us to relish in His magnanimity! Praise the Lord for this day!

Pray and praise God for His greatness.