Week 1 Devo

Series: Hot Topics – Sexual Preference

Monday – Genesis 2:7; Psalm 119:73; Colossians 1:22

Have you ever wondered why most social media platforms portray such a different view of physical and sexual values than Christianity does? Society sees our bodies as tools to be used as we please. This view has implications for sexuality, gender and unborn babies. This week’s devotionals will highlight God’s design and contrast it with ideas dominating our current culture.

The New Testament writers had to battle with an early version of this same view called Gnosticism, which taught that the world in our minds is all good and pure, yet the physical world around us is dirty and evil. But as today’s verses show, the Bible treats all of us as good. Our Holy God not only gives us spiritual life and understanding, but He also formed us physically with His very own hands. In fact, Christ’s physical body was a fundamental part of our salvation. Does this sound as though the physical body is just an unimportant afterthought? The Bible shows no division between a “good mental/spiritual” and a “bad physical.” God is the loving Creator of both.

We often give God thanks for our spiritual lives. Do you thank God for the gift of your physical life as well?

Does this change how you see yourself when you look at yourself in the mirror?