Week 34 Devo – TUESDAY


As mentioned yesterday, manifesting is a twisted way of praying but with no power. The main point of the doctrine of prayer is that we place power in the hands of our Creator. We submit to the ultimate authority, and He delights in our submission. In this account, the three disciples, Peter, James and John, are unable to heal the demon-possessed man because of their “little faith.” They attempt to perform a work of Jesus on their own power instead of God’s power. This is like manifesting in today’s culture. We want to make wonderful and huge things happen in our life that only God can do. We want our bad circumstances to change and to be removed from our life by our own power. Those who manifest are praying to themselves and leaving God out of the equation.

How often are we guilty of doing things on our own and not lifting our eyes to Jesus?

What is something you could give completely to God today, not relying on yourself?