Week 36 Devo – MONDAY

Mental Health

How great would it be if the saying “Let go and let God “or “faith over fear” cured all anxiety? While these sayings hold truth, using them as a vessel to “cure our anxiety” in turn tells us that we are never allowed to feel anxious, which is not true. In reality, when we experience anxiety, God calls us to cast our anxious thoughts onto Him. Rather than simply saying, “Stop worrying,” the Lord reminds us that He is in control and our battles are not ours, but His. To overcome anxious thoughts, we must first seek the Lord, just as Psalm 34:4 says. The Lord meets us in prayer, worship and spending time in His Word, and He is welcoming to our anxiety and sadness. We cannot cure anxiety by simply telling ourselves to stop, but rather, we can remind ourselves that He desires for us to cast our anxiety onto Him; He cares for us in our anxiety; and when we seek Him in our anxiety, we will find Him.