Week 38 Devo – WEDNESDAY

Proclaiming the Gospel of Jesus

Philip’s example in this passage serves as an encouragement, and a challenge, for us all. God called and Philip listened and he went—immediately. Phillip didn’t question God or make any excuses. Instead, he obeyed, and with the Holy Spirit’s guidance and help, so can we. But how often do we listen and obey? For most of us, not as often as we should. As we grow up, the Lord has a way of revealing to us what really matters. Even as teenagers, you’re probably learning some of these lessons. The things that matter most aren’t popularity, clothes, cars, money or even education. It’s OK to enjoy all good things that God gives to us. But what’s more important is that we use all we’ve been given to bless others and honor God. What really matters is our faithful obedience to God’s call on our lives. Wherever you are today, say yes to God. It’s only on the other side of saying yes to God where we find the miraculous moments only faithful, obedient people will enjoy.

Where is God calling you to go, and what is God calling you to do today?