Week 38 Devo – FRIDAY

Proclaiming the Gospel of Jesus

Once we discover God’s gracious gift of Jesus, the only appropriate response is to commit every part of our lives to Him. It’s all about Him. If we’re not wholeheartedly devoted to Jesus, we must ask ourselves: “What prevents me from committing to Him?

Philip committed himself to obeying God’s call.  Because of this, the Ethiopian eunuch believed and asked to be baptized. Once he was baptized, he went on his way rejoicing. After Philip shared the Gospel and affirmed a new believer in Christ, he again went where the Spirit led him, preaching the Gospel all the way. God the Father, through His Holy Spirit, calls people to believe in Jesus, and to obey Him with our lives. God graciously saves sinners. Commit yourself to Him now.

What commitment will you make to following Jesus through the power of the Holy Spirit?