Week 39 Devo – WEDNESDAY

Confronted by the Gospel of Jesus

One act of radical obedience can advance the Gospel. We know that. At times, we might struggle with how small acts of obedience may seem unimportant or that we might not get any credit. However, we should never serve God for the credit we might receive from people. Instead, we should strive to play our part in God’s plans, no matter how small or insignificant it might seem.

Ananias doesn’t get a whole lot of attention in Scripture, but about half of the New Testament comes from the man whom God used him to commission. We need more people willing to serve like Ananias. Even though our lives may go largely unnoticed, we can know that God is able to use us to impact others on a large scale.

When have you been tempted to serve in order to receive recognition? How can you make sure to serve for the praise of God instead of the praise of people?