Week 40 Devo – MONDAY

Experiencing New Identity in the Gospel of Jesus

It’s easy to justify our disobedience: No one will know. This won’t hurt anyone. Payback is totally fair. We tend be a little more critical concerning others, expecting people to obey God’s commands and questioning people’s motives when we see them struggle and fail. Paul was greatly concerned about obedience in himself and others. Later in his letter to the Colossian believers, he asked them to pray for his opportunities to share the Gospel (4:2–4). But here he prayed for them to obey, to grow, and to mature in Christ.

Notice the connection between prayer and spiritual growth. Paul did something more than just provide steps toward a goal. He prayed that the Colossian believers would grow in their knowledge of God and be strengthened to live in obedience. He knew that while we have a part to play in putting on those things that please God, God is the One who makes the growth possible. Consequently, this is why thanksgiving to God plays such a prominent role in Paul’s letter—God is in control, and we owe every blessing to Him.

What do you need to pray to God about? What do you need to thank God for?