Week 41 Devo – TUESDAY

Holding Fast to the Gospel of Jesus

Imagine growing up and living across the street from your grandparents. Occasionally your mom and grandmother would pick up things from the store at the other’s request. Then came the time for settling up. On one occasion, your mom handed you some money to take to your grandmother. However, when you showed it to her, she told you to take it back to your mom. When you got back to your house, though, your mom sent you back with it once more. The second time, your grandmother told you to keep it. How awesome would that be?

But your mom got a little frustrated with the situation. She never doubted her mother’s love, which was evident in her mother’s refusal to take the money in the first place. The Corinthians, on the other hand, were led to misinterpret Paul’s refusal to take payment for his ministry. But what they viewed as a contractual obligation was actually the action of a loving father to care for his children in the faith.

What are some ways you can sacrifice out of love for others?