Week 42 Devo – TUESDAY

Who Is Our Enemy?

Looking at the creation account, men and women were both created to live in right relationship with God forever. Satan, the adversary of God, sought to ruin God’s creation – and the souls of those within it. In verse 4, we see Satan oppose God’s words with blatant lies, leading Eve to question what God has spoken. When Adam and Eve sinned, the echo was eternally heard. In 2 Corinthians 11, Paul was fearful that the church in Corinth would be led astray from their first love of Christ by the deceiving work of the Enemy, just as Eve had been deceived. We see in 1 John that Jesus came to destroy the work of the Devil! We have a heavenly Father who fights for us and defends us.

How can you remain steadfast on God’s true word and not be easily led astray?