Week 42 Devo – THURSDAY

Who Is Our Enemy?

Revelation 12:7–12 describes a war in heaven between Michael and his angels, and the Devil and his angels. Before this event, the Devil had access to heaven, where he accuses believers. The first chapter of Job confirms this fact. However, he cannot prevail in his war on Christ and His followers. We know that in God’s timing, there will be ultimate and complete victory through the blood of the Lamb (Revelation 12:11). The Devil and the angels that rebelled with him will be cast down forever and rendered completely defeated in the end. We see this prophesied in Isaiah 14. The fate of the Enemy is that he will be cast out far from anything holy, “to the far reaches of the pit.” The Devil is defeated by the blood of Jesus.

Take a moment to thank Jesus for His sacrifice and victory over death that led us out of our bondage to slavery.