Week 44 Devo – THURSDAY

What Are Our Defenses?

Wow. Helmets, swords and prayer. Sounds like we are in a real battle now. Shield of faith: In Paul’s time, Roman soldiers carried shields that were covered with heavy animal hide. Before a battle, they would dip their shields into the water so that when fiery darts hit them, the wet hide would extinguish the darts. In the same way, we are to regularly “dip in the water” of God’s Word. Helmet of salvation: when we remind ourselves of who we are in Christ and that our salvation comes from Him alone, we can have assurance and peace in the fight against sin and struggles. Our mind is the battlefield in which our spiritual battle is fought. (Pause here to read Romans 8!) In Romans 8, Paul brings us so much comfort as believers! When we have our minds set on Jesus, we have life and peace!

Do you struggle to trust God? Read Mark 9:23–24. Journal about this or even pull up your notes app on your phone and answer these questions:

  • Do I have any unconfessed sin?
  • Is there anything or anyone that I desire more that God?
  • Am I taking time to acknowledge His presence?
  • How is my prayer life? What does my daily time with God look like?
  • Am I worshipping God or only complaining to Him?
  • Let Mark 9:24 be our prayer today.

Additional Resources about God’s Armor