Week 46 Devo – MONDAY

The Church Is Sent to All People

Have you ever heard a testimony about a missionary or an unbeliever who received a vision that led to the Gospel’s being heard and believed? That’s what took place in Acts 10. The Lord prepared Cornelius and Peter with visions so that each one was ready for the Gospel interaction they were about to have. Acts 10 is a unique and significant event in the history of salvation. This marked the next part of God’s plan to bring salvation to the world—the plan that was outlined in Acts 1:8.

The Gospel expansion that began with Cornelius has reached you! How amazing is that? Do you remember when you first understood the message of the Gospel? Think about the ways God prepared you to hear the Gospel. Think about the people God has put in your life that He has used to teach you the Gospel. Then spend some time giving thanks to God for saving you. 

What are some ways God is preparing you to share the Gospel with someone?