Week 49 Devo – FRIDAY

The Church Is Sent to Demonstrate Faith

Our actions will reveal what we truly believe. So, what we believe is critical in determining how we live. If we don’t think correctly about God and ourselves, then we will not live right. Sometimes we say we believe the Bible, while our actions tell a different story. For that reason, we must continually apply biblical teachings in our own lives.

The writer of Hebrews helps his readers do this by concluding his book with a series of challenges. For example, as believers, we are to love each other, show hospitality to others, be content, and obey our leaders. We should also imitate godly examples in our lives. Godly examples might be your parents, student pastor, group leader or teacher. One way to honor God is by honoring leaders and trying to imitate those who are godly. Hebrews 13 is a reminder that we must pair action with our faith in every area of life.

How might you honor the authorities in your life better?