Week 52 Devo – THURSDAY


Herod the Great was given the title “King of the Jews” by the Roman Senate in 40 B.C. There were several problems with this title: First, Herod was only half Jewish and second, there already was a “King of the Jews” in Jerusalem at the time. Once appointed “King of the Jews,” Herod was run out of Jerusalem and forced to turn to the Romans to help him take back the city. After three years of war, Herod returned to rule once again. For the remainder of his reign, Herod sought to win the acceptance of his people by rebuilding the temple, helping during a famine, and even cutting taxes. At the same time, his fear of losing his position drove him to exercise his power and control with gruesome force. Over time, Herod became paranoid, untrusting and violently erratic.

In Matthew 2 we learn that having heard the true King of the Jews had been born, Herod’s position was challenged once again. The only way to truly control the situation was to be sure the Messiah would not live to threaten his crown. Herod ordered every male child in Bethlehem 2 years old and under to be killed. In the end, Jesus escaped. God was in control, and Herod was not.

Do you struggle to submit to your parents’ authority?

How can you seek the peace that comes from submission to God’s plan?