Week 10 Devo – MONDAY

Suffering for Christ

In these verses, Peter gives two motivations for his readers to endure hardship and grasp what it means to have the same attitude of Christ. First, our transformation from the past is an essential part in the Christian walk. The very sins that once characterized our patterns of behavior have now been abandoned (1 Peter 4:3–5). Therefore, we are no longer held by the power of sin and suffering. Second, the most fundamental attitude of Christ is that He surrendered His life to God, whom He knew would one day justly judge and save us (1 Peter 4:5–6).

Putting on the same attitude of Christ can be costly, and more than likely, will produce some form of suffering. The first thing we learn from 1 Peter 4 is it will cost us our old habits. We must be transformed in order to “arm ourselves with the same attitude of Christ.” Suffering for the sake of Christ only strengthens the believer’s faith. In James 1:1–5, we see that suffering produces endurance. Endurance produces faith, which in turn, generates character. As believers we must get to the point in our walk with Christ where we would risk it all to follow the will of God.

What earthly desires do you need to give up in order to live out the same attitude of Christ?