Week 10 Devo – TUESDAY

Suffering for Christ

First Peter 4:7 is the foundational verse for this passage, stating, “… the end of all things is near.” Peter is reminding his readers to anticipate the Second Coming of Christ and warns us to be alert and “sober-minded.” Peter continues his exhortation to the believers and equips us with four commands.

First, keep yourself mentally and spiritually alert. Peter infers that by being mentally prepared, our prayer life will be more effective. Second, we are told to love one another because it covers a multitude of sins. This means that loving each other will ultimately produce forgiveness. Romans 5:8 is a good example of this; God’s love for us while we were sinners covers our sins. Therefore, we should act in the same manner as Christ. While others offend us, we should not hold a grudge but forgive them. Just as Christ forgave us, and so our heart will be right before the Lord. Third, Peter commands us to be hospitable. This is an outward expression of love, meaning you receive people into your home, provide a place for fellowship, and meet the needs of your fellow believer. The last command is to exercise your gifts. Each believer has been endowed with certain spiritual gifts, and we are to use our gifts to serve one another “faithfully,” taking the command to love one step further.

Which of the four commands do you have the hardest time with? Why?