Week 10 Devo – FRIDAY

Suffering for Christ

Peter ends his letter with a doxology, or praise to God. Peter provides hope for his readers in verse 10, that “after you have suffered a while,” which is the present condition of their calling, the “God of all grace … will restore you.” This hope gives confidence to his readers, that after a life full of suffering and difficulty, they can count on God to make them whole. God restores us in three ways: through strengthening us, by making us firm, and by helping us be steadfast, so believers may be immovable when they face spiritual battles.

Christians do not need to fear suffering because we will eventually be restored. From the beginning of his letter, Peter is focused on the hope of Christ’s return, a hope that sustains us during times of persecution and suffering. Peter also tells us that this hope is our calling or destiny. Our focus is centered on Christ and His calling, not on earthly pleasures or possessions.

What are the three ways God restores us?

What does it mean to have “kingdom-first eyes?” Do you have “kingdom-first eyes? If not, why not?