Week 11 Devo – WEDNESDAY

Out of the Grave

Two men, considered viable witnesses to determine the truth of an occurrence under Jewish custom, came to see the evidence of Jesus’ empty tomb for themselves. In a culture where running for fun or exercise was unheard of, the two men ran to the tomb, with John’s humorous anecdote that he won the foot race. News about Jesus moved them to action.

The physical evidence of Jesus’ Resurrection were the bandages that would have been secured with ointment, difficult to remove from even the most committed grave robber, and the empty tomb. Who would want to carry out a decaying, heavy body from a tomb, which by the law’s standards would also make them unclean? And who would fold a piece of it? The evidence pointed to a far more miraculous conclusion. They wouldn’t understand immediately, but the evidence was clear: Jesus had risen!

What evidence of the Resurrection is visible in your life?

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