Week 12 Devo – MONDAY

Out of the Grave

The disciples’ argument probably would have stopped much earlier had Jesus allowed them to recognize Him, but He did not. The disciples had heard the reports from the women who went to the tomb, but it seems they didn’t fully believe it because they hadn’t seen it for themselves. They knew the Old Testament prophecies but the one they thought was the Messiah had died. He wasn’t ruling over other nations triumphantly, removing oppression from Israel. He was not the King they expected. He was humble.

Yet, He was also risen! The events the two disciples were discussing were the same events the Israelites had waited generations to experience, and when they happened, most didn’t even realize it. He chose to humbly appear to the two disciples by walking with them on a journey, not parading by them in a fanfare. He was an unrecognized Messiah walking with them and discussing the happenings in Jerusalem that centered on Him.

Why do you think Jesus didn’t allow the disciples to recognize Him?

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