Week 13 Devo – TUESDAY

Out of the Grave

Jesus was sent by the Father to reveal His plan to reconcile people to Himself. Jesus humbled Himself and willingly died on a cross to pay the penalty we deserved for our sin. Yet, as He was sent, so are we.

We are sent as lights into a dark world to announce God’s plan of reconciliation, the Good News of Jesus! This doesn’t mean that every person should prepare for international missions as soon as they become a Christian, but it does mean that every Christian is called to be a missionary in the context of their daily lives. Thankfully, this isn’t an instruction we complete on our own. It is through the Holy Spirit’s power that we may offer the good news of salvation through Jesus. Every believer is to live a “sent” life, proclaiming Jesus as Savior and forgiveness of sin offered through Him.

Are you living “sent” – intentionally seeking opportunities to share the Gospel? Why or why not?

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