Week 13 Devo – FRIDAY

Out of the Grave

Jesus revealed Himself to hundreds of people during the 40 days between His Resurrection and His Ascension (1 Corinthians 15:6), but one of the most moving moments is when Jesus restores Peter. Peter had denied knowing Jesus three times after He was arrested (Luke 22:54-62), a fact that surely brought shame on Peter. His name means “rock,” but he was far from immovable in this account.

Yet, three times Jesus asked Peter if He loved Him. Jesus expressed to Peter that the way he could show his love was to feed Jesus’ sheep. Of course, Jesus didn’t have a flock of fluffy sheep to care for, but a growing group of followers who would need a shepherd.

Peter would need to be a wise shepherd. This is also a way we proclaim our love for Jesus today.

What does it look like practically for us to feed Jesus’ sheep?

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