Week 14 Devo – MONDAY

Out of the Grave

What doubts do you have about Christianity? Do you have questions that have gone unanswered? There is nothing wrong with doubt – in fact, our faith is strengthened when we take the time to wrestle through our doubts and find answers. We see here that even the disciples themselves – who were in the physical presence of Jesus – had doubts. What’s incredible, though, is that their doubts did not cause Jesus to turn away; He instead chose to come near.

If you have questions that have gone unanswered, it’s highly likely that the people in your life – that God wants you to share the Gospel with – also have unanswered questions. So, what if instead of being hard on yourself and thinking you’re disqualified from doing evangelism because of your doubts, you took the time to wrestle through them? And what if while you’re in the process of wrestling through your doubts, God were actually preparing you to share the Gospel and make disciples of all nations, beginning with the people presently in your life?

When you’re being honest, what are the foremost doubts you have about Christianity?

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