Week 14 Devo – TUESDAY

Out of the Grave

If you ever have a hard time understanding the Scriptures, don’t worry; you’re not the only one. In fact, as we read in this passage, even the disciples experienced this. The advantage that we have over the disciples is that we no longer have to be physically in the presence of Jesus to have our heart and mind opened to understand the Scriptures. After Jesus ascended into heaven, He sent the Holy Spirit to empower us and fill us with His presence. So, the great news is that God’s presence is with us always and continually!

The next time you open the Scriptures, start by asking God to open your heart and mind to both understand and apply the Scriptures through the power and presence of the Holy Spirit. In fact, you should do this right now and before re-reading today’s passage.

In what ways are we at a greater advantage in reading the Bible today than were the disciples during the first century?

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