Week 14 Devo – THURSDAY

Out of the Grave

The Holy Spirit is as much God as Jesus is God and the Father is God. Why is it, though, that the Holy Spirit often feels like the neglected one? If you have not studied the Holy Spirit and do not know the distinct ministry of the Holy Spirit, you are missing out. You are failing to learn more deeply about the very one who empowers you to live the Christian life, the Lord and Giver of life. 

To live the Christian life entails living an empowered life through the Holy Spirit because all who belong to Christ also possess the Spirit of Christ (Romans 8:9). In other words, the Holy Spirit who empowered Jesus throughout His ministry on earth is the same Holy Spirit who empowered the disciples in the early church and empowers us today. Persuasive preaching and evangelism can be helpful to point people to God, but without the power of the Holy Spirit, it’s ultimately ineffective. Only the Holy Spirit has the power to change hearts and move people from darkness to light.

What are some reasons the Holy Spirit is equally God with the Father and God the Son? Therefore, how is the Holy Spirit worthy of our praise and worship?

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