Week 14 Devo – FRIDAY

Out of the Grave

If Jesus came back today in the same way He was taken to heaven, what would your response be? If He were to return today, what would He say to you? What would He say about your priorities, the decisions you made in the last 48 hours, and what your plans were going to look like in the next 48 hours?

Jesus’ return is imminent. As Jesus said, no one knows the specific day or the hour other than God the Father (Matthew 24:36). Yet, the fact is, Jesus’ return can happen at any time. So how can you live today in light of this truth? What needs to change about your priorities and your schedule so that His return sparks joy rather than shame in your heart? Our lives should lead us to pray, “Come, Lord Jesus, come,” rather than, “Just another day! Not yet, Lord!”

Does Jesus’ return spark joy or shame in your heart? Why?

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