Week 16 Devo – MONDAY

The Holy Spirit Empowers

Sometimes Christians argue over the role of the Holy Spirit, particularly in elements of Christian worship such as speaking in tongues. Interestingly, this “debate” began immediately after the Holy Spirit was poured out on the first Christians.

While we cannot examine the various views of spiritual gifts here, it is worth reflecting on our attitude toward those with whom we disagree, including our brothers and sisters in Christ. Because nobody is perfect, it is understandable that we may disagree about certain interpretations of Scripture. However, we should all agree that when the gift of the Holy Spirit is poured out on people, we should primarily rejoice at God’s work in the world.

Instead of ridiculing others as we see in this passage, we can rejoice anytime others rejoice in God’s work in their lives. We are all inclined, at times, toward doubt, skepticism and criticism, but unlike the scoffers, we should stand ready to rejoice when the Holy Spirit works in us and in the world. 

How are you tempted to be skeptical when others praise God for something?

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