Week 16 Devo – TUESDAY

The Holy Spirit Empowers

In this passage, Peter somewhat hilariously rebuked the crowd for accusing the new believers of being drunk. However, Peter’s larger point is clear: this was not some sort of foolishness – this was the work of God.

Quoting Joel 2, Peter told the Jewish onlookers that they were witnessing the answer to a promise God had made long before. If they had ears to hear, they would know that these “languages” being spoken served as a sign of God’s promises.

The Jews should have been the people most ready to receive this news. After all, this was a direct prophecy from their Scriptures. But instead, some of them doubted the work of God in the lives of the Christians. Peter reminded them that God is always at work – among every nation, tribe and tongue – and this is evident if they will only remember God’s promise through the prophet Joel.

In what ways do you see God at work around you? How can you join in His mission?

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