Week 16 Devo – WEDNESDAY

The Holy Spirit Empowers

Peter told the crowd that Jesus was crucified according, in an eternal sense, to the plan of God, but that, from an earthly perspective, His Crucifixion happened at the hands of those who rejected Him. In Scripture, there is often an apparent tension between the sovereignty of God – the fact that He is all-powerful and in full control over history – and humanity’s responsibility for sin – the fact that people choose to sin. Ultimately, God is never blamed for sin and people are always responsible for the sins they commit.

Here, Peter quoted Psalm 16:8-11 as a way of wisdom: rejoice in Christ and put your hope in Him. Jesus’ Resurrection is the ultimate proof that God kept His promises to save His people. This is directed at the Jewish scoffers, but is ultimately applicable to all of us. We should never join those who turn their backs on Christ by “re-crucifying the Son of God and holding him up to contempt” (Hebrews 6:6). Rather, we should place our hope in His promises, receiving the Holy Spirit and listening to His voice.

Christ can’t literally be crucified twice, but how do our sin and doubt figuratively “re-crucify” Him?

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