Week 19 Devo – THURSDAY

The Holy Spirit Empowers

Children often need quite a few reminders such as “Don’t forget to clean your room!” and “Remember to say please and thank you!”

Let’s be honest – teenagers do, too! Repetition is invaluable because we so easily forget the things we’ve heard. We become distracted. Sometimes, because our minds are running from one piece of information to the next, we may lose track of something we’ve heard even moments prior (such as someone’s name you’ve just met).

God’s children also need reminders because we easily forget. Like Eve, we often hear what God said, but we’re inclined to repeat His Word in ways that misrepresent what He’s said (Gen. 3:2-3) – sometimes due to ignorance, other times due to rebellion. Peter reminded his readers of the things he’d mentioned previously, as they are central to the Christian life. We, too, should realize our own inclination to forget what God has said, continually reminding ourselves of the Gospel and the ways it affects our lives.

How can you be intentional about reminding yourself of God’s truth on a daily basis?

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