Week 21 Devo – MONDAY

Gospel Advancing: Random Encounters

There were no random encounters during the life and ministry of Jesus. However, there were random encounters from the other person/people’s point of view. This story finds a woman from Samaria coming to fill her water jug at the well. This was a common task done most days, if not every day. What was different about this day? When she arrived, there was a Jewish man standing at the well asking her for water.

That morning when she had awakened, the Samaritan woman had no idea she would encounter the very Son of God.To her, this would likely be just a normal day. But for Jesus, this would be a moment that changed this woman’s eternal destination. God places people in our lives and in our paths in order for us to share the Gospel with them. Whether we believe it or not, our feet take the Gospel wherever we go. The question is, “Will you use those ‘random’ encounters to share your faith or shy away from your faith?”

When was the last time you had the opportunity to share the Gospel with someone you randomly met? What was the result of that encounter?