Week 21 Devo – TUESDAY

Gospel Advancing: Our Cities

The result of the encounter we read about yesterday was that the woman was forever changed. She now had drunk from the Living Water. Now knowing what she knew, she couldn’t just keep it to herself. She was so focused on sharing with others this eternal change, that she even left her water jug by the well. The vessel she came to fill with water was not the vessel that was now filled with the Living Water. Jesus had changed her life, and she wanted everyone to hear.

This Samaritan woman ran from the well to tell everyone she could find about Jesus. The passion she had for her new relationship was seen by everyone who encountered her. Isn’t this exactly how we should be sharing the Gospel? Our calling and command in Scripture are to share with everyone with whom we come in contact. Our cities should look different because of our love for Jesus. But do they?

How is your city being changed by the Gospel message? How are you a part of that change?